Your Best Life Now


The promise that you can have your best life now is very appealing.  Who wouldn’t want their best life now in a world that is going off the rails?  Even churches are filled with people hearing messages about how to get this life by pursuing your destiny, discovering your purpose, identifying your calling, and living up to your potential.  And when things aren’t going your way, you’re encouraged to keep your head up, believe for the best, and trust that God has greater things in store for you.

I mean, I get it.  We long for our best life because we were made for Eden.  In the Garden we had this life.  We had a perfect relationship with God, which resulted in perfect relationship with one another, and with Creation.  So it makes sense that there’s a longing for the beauty and perfection of Eden.  But we live in a world of thorns and thistles.  The problem is Eden is closed, we are cut off and exiled from the Garden.  Because of Adam’s sin – that is inherent in us – there’s no way to go back to Eden, and there’s no way to recover Eden in this life.  The reality is the world is broken and all the powders, potions, and principles that man can dream up does nothing to get us the life we were made for.

However…(oh man, this is big), if you’re a believer, the Bible makes it clear that your best life isn’t now, but that it’s coming. A day is coming when all things will be made new – new heaven, new earth, new body.  A day is coming when all that is broken, sad, unjust, diseased, and painful will be undone and will be made right forever.  A day is coming when we will no longer be entangled by sin.  A day is coming when we will dine with Christ and celebrate our perfect union with Him.  A day is coming when Paradise lost is Paradise restored.  Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is our hope.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”  Romans 8:18, ESV

So, be greatly encouraged.  When you witness and experience the brokenness and fallenness of this world, remember that this is not the final draft.  Remember that the life we were made for is coming.  Also, when you experience good things in this life, remember this is God’s tangible goodness in your life, and that it’s a shadow of the goodness that is coming.  Yes, the good and the bad of this life point to the best life that’s coming as sure as the coming of the morning sun.



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